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Winner of the Best Package 2013


For the production of innovative, high quality and competitive products in the category "Food packaging", LLC "Spetztekhosnastka" was awarded the trophy and a diploma of the winner.

The award was officially presented at the exhibition "PACK EXPO 2013" held in KyivExpoPlaza from 10 to 12 April.

Ukrainian contest of the quality of goods (works, services) conducted by the Club Packers Ukraine. In the Ukrainian competition attracted 22 companies, representing over 70 species of its packaging.

This container is designed for the food industry and meets all the European and Ukrainian standards.


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Изготовление и производство пластиковой упаковки и тары, завод пластиковых изделий, продажа пластиковой посуды (пластиковые ножи, вилки, ложки, контейнеры, емкости)

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