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«Vital Plast» product specifications:

  • Quality
    All products are made in accordance with TU U 13429839.002-2000 and requirements of sanitary and epidemiological commission of Ukraine. The quality is controlled in Measuring Laboratory.
  • Functional and attractive design
    During development stage the recent industry trends are considered
  • Opening control system
    All containers have got a single rim with a control element and supplied with lid lifting protection
  • Individual coloring
    There are different colors available at option
  • Rigid structure
    Design solutions implemented in packaging enable storing in small space.

Company maintains a quality management system.

Usage of own transport enables to significantly reduce product delivery costs.

We deal with all requests on production of custom-designed packaging other plastic products.

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Изготовление и производство пластиковой упаковки и тары, завод пластиковых изделий, продажа пластиковой посуды (пластиковые ножи, вилки, ложки, контейнеры, емкости)

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